About Milroy Media Productions

Milroy Media Productions is really the end result of poor customer support by another web design company based in Omaha, Nebraska. Basically, they flashed a good hand, took more than their share of money, and left me hanging out to dry. Did I say jab it in and give it a twist...? ouch!

Yes, that happened to me, Jim Milroy Jr, from 2000 through 2001. Now I'm doing something about it. No need to drag names through the dirt, but just keep in mind I've been where you may be at, and have pledged to treat you like I would have liked to have been treated.

The Story Begins..

This all started back, way back in the early 1980's when my father brought home the coolest thing I had ever set my eyes on.. An APPLE II+ COMPUTER!!! These were my early years of high school, and I think I was a closet computer geek back then too (along with Dungeons and Dragons). I say this because I ended up taking control of, without her initial knowledge, my sisters teen line (yep, I tapped in to her personal phone line, computer on, phone off.. every geek in the area was calling my sister, heh heh). I turned it all into my very own personal Computer Bulletin Board (that's what we called web sites back before the internet was developed). I called it "Kilroy's Vineyard", and it was my roost, until I figured out there were girls, art class, and motorcycles to be had. So all was lost and forgotten before I graduated High school.

So, I raced motorcycles and graduated college with a BS; Major Journalism, fields of concentration Marketing and Public Relations (and yes lots of art and photography classes thrown in.. can you see where this is going now). Jumping ahead. I got screwed, taught myself what I am doing now, and here we are.

Creative Multimedia Solutions for Clients

A Jack of all Trades. With my backgrounds in Art, Photography/Video, Journalism, Marketing and Public Relations among many other skills (like web design, graphics, flash, computers etc.). Working with you or your company one on one is a huge plus. No sales people to get in the way. We talk design mono-e-mono. Make decisions together, and get you on course as quickly as possible. Whether you are in Omaha, Nebraska or Antarctica, it doesn't matter, that's why they call it the World Wide Web.


Everyone has a price. But my skills are not free. What it costs all depends on what you want, and how much work it will take to get you there. From small web updates to full blown multimedia web sites. Costs can range from $250 to the sky's the limit. My advantage is I've got no overhead, unlike that huge ad agency you'll find in New York City.

Check out my services and solutions, if I might fit your needs drop me a line. I'll treat you with dignity, and I promise I won't jab it in and give it a twist.

Jim Milroy Jr

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